Zoë Callaghan: Paintings, Prints and Plates

22 February - 6 March 2018
GX Gallery is pleased to introduce Zoë Callaghan's exhibition Paintings, Prints and Plates, until 6th March 2018. 
Having spent the first ten years of her life in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Zoë Callaghan has been largely influenced as a painter by the strong light which enhances shape, giving way to strong colour. 
Being half Greek has also had an efect on the iconic style and flat use of vivid colour prompted by early Greek ceramics. 
Zoë uses beeswax and oil paint combined in her paintings. These are of a gurative nature using strong colours and bold shapes to create a feeling of space and perspective. Zoë also explores the medium of printing, mainly using lino cuts and mono prints.