Changing Looks: Tristan Pigott

12 December 2014 - 7 January 2015

Pigott brings to us his new series; a unique and emotive collection, within which each piece invites curiosity and evokes a different reaction from individual viewers. He has the ability to starkly illustrate the personality and identity of each of the subjects in his paintings, many of whom are his family and friends.


“I want my paintings to reflect my interest in how people translate their ego into image. I play with people’s characteristics by creating surreal narratives, allowing a focus on the sitter’s self- projection, where the viewer is able to interpret the ambiguous social symbolism. I have been using more abstract elements in my work; this parallel with detailed elements allows a play on tradition, and exploring its relevance today. This allows me to develop my interest in the cyclical nature of everyday life, which is a reoccurring theme in my work, whether it’s as simple as people going for a run in the park or eating and drinking.”

Tristan Pigott