Alex Morton: That Feeling Of Space

7 - 31 March 2017

In his first solo show with GX Gallery, British artist Alex Morton has captured the powerfully meditative quality of the vast, uninterrupted ocean horizon.


Taking inspiration from the rugged Cornish coastline, the artist finds the sea and the energy it brings though waves and wind both compelling and relaxing. With That Feeling of Space, Alex aims to replicate the powerful feelings he experiences when standing at the edge of the ocean with a seemingly never-ending expanse of space before him. As a keen surfer, he is able to paint seascapes as someone who both recognises the beauty of the sea and comprehends its might.


“I've always loved the coast and the open expanse of the sea for the feeling of uninterrupted space it provides. Standing on a cliff or on the shore one can look out as far as the eye can see in to the horizon uninterrupted by land or the man made structure. The exhibition seeks to capture the feeling of those seemingly endless horizons during my various trips back to Cornwall over the back end of 2016 visiting family and my favourite spots, my home from home.” – Alex Morton


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