Anna Mazzotta: Drawing From Within

7 February - 3 March 2017

Introducing Anna Mazzotta's debut solo exhibition at GX Gallery. 


Anna trained at the Wimbledon School of Art and Royal College of Art and she has since been awarded the prestigious National Jerwood Drawing Prize. Her work is showcased in many public and private collections, most notably in those of the Royal photographer John Hedgecoe and of Robert and Susan Kasen Summers. 
Anna is influenced by Art Deco, theatre, beach scenes and cinema. She has a deep love for silent movies and how exaggerated expressions are used to tell a story.
Anna's work has a wonderful connection to the glitz and glamour of an almost lost world. In many ways she follows people like Baz Luhrmann as someone connecting the 21st century with a particular time.
'My painting is away of seeing the world; thinking, feeling, showing sensations - not just the mechanics of a scene, but instead emphasising the energy, life and allowing the inner emotion of the characters to come forth. I am passionate about the beauty of caricatures, as they are a true connection with how an artist sees the world. The viewer then enters that world and makes it their own, with their own interpretation.' - Anna Mazzotta

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