Lily Forwood, Journeys: At Searcys Club, The Gherkin

5 September - 5 November 2016

Visits by appointment only

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Lily’s recent body of work is focused on journeys, the passage of time and the movement of people through static places. She recently spent four months volunteering and living in the Calais 'Jungle', an experience that was incredibly poignant and influential to her practice.


The work is an expression of Lily’s reaction towards people and place. Stations are drawn and redrawn as they are seen as constantly trodden paths of memories. Across the paper there is the romanticism of possibility: of journeys, new beginnings and excitement that is heavily counterbalanced by the pressures and concerns of modern-day living that weigh heavily upon the artist.


Ephemera is seen not only as the encapsulation and embodiment of the moment but also as an expression of social commentary and ideas that expand the work from the purely literal. The same can be said for the signage and other man made matter such as clothes, clocks and sculpture that punctuate London and other drawn cities. 


Lily’s love of drawing is a thread running through all the works. She finds inspiration in everyday imagery and the evidence of people’s relationship to their environments. 


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