GX REVOLVING GALLERY: Part of Camberwell Arts Festival 2016

11 - 19 June 2016

The gallery is exhibiting 16 new artists, all of whom produce their works in local studios. We are delighted to be showcasing these artists and at the same time celebrating Camberwell's ecclectic and vibrant art scene.


For seven days, the gallery will be 'revolving' the works of the artists in our front window. Each day there will be new works to be scene and enjoyed. 


Pop by to view new artworks and discover local artists!


Pauline Amphlett


Moving to Camberwell in 2006, Amphlett set-up her studio and joined Artichoke Printmaking Studio. She utilises both intaglio and relief printing techniques, producing etchings, aquatints, lino prints and collographs. A recurrent theme of her work has been based on London Trees. The two large drypoint prints are from this body of work, which continues to grow in scale. Drypoint, where the drawing is scratched into the metal, is vigorous and controlled. Once a line is made, it is there forever. Recent work has emerged from combining aquatint and linocuts to create collages, an art form that she has periodically worked with over the years. She is currently experimenting with ceramics and textile printing on a small scale .


 Paul Ashurst


Ashurst has painted and exhibited nationally and internationally sine the mid 80s. Presently he is painting local scenes with reference to echoes he sees of famous artists as graffiti, etc. in a photorealistic style, but the resulting paintings look like near abstract work.


Rafael Atencia


Rafael Atencia graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in the summer of 2013 with a First Class Honours Degree and now works as a Ceramic Artist from his studio in South East London. Atencia is especially interested in bringing together traditional imagery and personal narratives to his work. He specializes in ceramics with great emphasis in textures and colors. As an Inspiration to his work He studied the traditional family fishing industry in decline today. He emphasizes in details to create­­­ unique pieces, which are central to his design process. Atencia tells stories with the help of glazes, textures and colors.


Bridget Bailey


Bridget Bailey is an artist working in textiles and millinery. Her Textile/Taxidermy art works explore the diversity of the natural world and the ways materials can be used to describe its flora and fauna. Bridget’s work has been featured in recent high profile exhibitions including ‘Mad for Tea’ at Fortnum Mason and ‘Crafted, Makers of the Exceptional’ at the Royal Academy.


Tony Blackmore


Tony Blackmore graduated with an MA in Fine Art from the Wimbledon College of Art in 2013, where he won the Tokyo Wondersite Residency Award. He graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Sculpture from Kingston University in 1993. 

He currently works part-time at the Institution of Civil Engineers where he manages a number of awards that reward pioneering new materials and construction techniques. 


Tony’s practice is based at Coldharbour Studios where he has developed his Paperfolds series; a body of work that uses drawing and folding to generate relief forms with a visually compelling aesthetic. 


Temple Clark


Clark studied Painting and Mixed Media at Glasgow School of Art. He works as a storyboard artist on films such as Children of Men, Harry Potter, Gravity and Spectre. For the past two years, Temple has been working with dancers practising in different types of dance - ballet, contemporary, Latin and the classical Indian form, Kathak. He draws and paints the dancers performing live, to capture the movement and visceral energy of the moment, then works into the paintings back at his studio.


Lynette Hemmant


A Camberwell resident for 30 years, Lynette Hemmant, who started as an illustrator, is a traditional painter in oils, one of a decreasing number of artists who generally work “en plein air”.


The nature of the relationships between the usual landscape subjects, trees, land, sky and water, is very complex; even more so are the many layers of a garden. Its ephemeral nature and the wish to leave some record of it as it changes through the summers, has produced a large body of work, which has nothing in common with photography. Two years ago, five years ago is different from this year, but the paintings will remain and be that synthesis of place and time which has been her aim. She is an International Research Fellow of the Institute of Fine Art Research at Birmingham University.


Jennifer Hooper


Jennifer Hooper is a London based visual artist, she studied painting and photography at Camberwell College of Art and Anatomy at UCL.

Engaged with the contemporary artists’ role in cross-disciplinary collaborations, she travels regularly and has worked with NGOs and conservationists on international projects. Taking inspiration from the natural world and our place within it, Hooper carefully observes relationships between opposites. Often the animal or the animal encounter is a starting point. There is a dialogue with the romantic era where imagery and process has historical significance. Juxtaposition - beauty and melancholy, darkness and light is at the core of her work.


Anna Jackson


Anna Jackson studied Printmaking in Australia, graduating an as enthusiastic Screenprinter and mixed media artist. After transiting from printing on paper to printing on fabric, she discovered the range of textures and mark making techniques available in textile printing. This series of one-off vessels are made using a heat sublimation process where real leaves are infused with pigment and transferred directly onto the fabric.  The perfect imprint of each leaf is then permanently left behind. Her greatest inspiration is nature and it’s endlessly varied and repetitious forms. The unique detail in every individual leaf reminds us that there is beauty in the smallest of things and in the most humble of surroundings.


Tom Leighton


Tom Leighton is a commercial photographer who specialises in children’s fashion and lifestyle photography. He is known locally for his series 36 Reasons To Love Camberwell (2012). At the moment he is updating the series with a new book and a look at the many changes in Camberwell since the original series was taken. The Camberwell Miracle is part of a series of photographs based on his two of his obsessions: old books and Camberwell. Tom has specially created a limited edition of ten prints of the Camberwell Miracle for the Camberwell Arts Festival and the GX Gallery revolving show.


Sandy Lloyd


Sandy Lloyd [BA,MA] is an Artist with a studio in Camberwell. She has worked creatively in the Arts for the last 20 years; returning to Fine Art in 2002. She has been exhibiting over the last 8 years. Her work explores transience; beauty that is imperfect, impermanent and incomplete; accepting change as a constant state of being. The Artist resists interpretation, limiting explanation, moving away from the importance of process toward being present in the making of the work.  Playing with the challenge of allowing the work to evolve, creating a cleaner space for intellectual and emotional dialogue with the Viewer.


Jan Malaszek


For Malaszek the encounter of site and sight, of topography and fictional narrative and between the apparent veracity of the photographic with painterly subjectivity has created a fascinating space. A kind of space where all kinds of elements can overlap and co-exist whilst not escaping into fantasy – an over painting of reality rather than a denial of it.


Duncan McAfee


Duncan McAfee is a London-based, British artist, musician and writer, working in a wide range of media and situations. Duncan is also one 12 artists working in the Loughborough Junction based studio collective Warrior Studios who founded and run the Warrior Press. This collage is part of his large Nostalgia series, depicting memory and personal history as a physical place. The collages splice together magazine clipping with elements of the artist's personal photographs, now destroyed, to create fantastical mythological versions of people and places.


Mark McLaughlin


Mark McLaughlin's atmospheric oil paintings are inspired by capturing the mood and light throughout the seasons of the year. He’s always seeking new and interesting viewpoints whilst cycling around the local area with a sketchbook at hand. Painting on location brings more life to his work which will be completed at his studio in Camberwell. He exhibits regulary around the UK and has been selected in many society exhibitions at The Mall Galleries and The Royal Academy Summer Shows.


Brian Merry


Brian Merry is an artist working in the media of painting, textiles and language. He studied at Central St. Martins and the Royal College of Art and sells his work internationally. 


Harriet Porter


In her minimal still life paintings, artist Harriet Porter strips away any distraction to capture the essence of glimmering light as it falls on her subject and the surrounding surfaces. Strong emphasis is given to simple elegant composition and the subtle gradations of colour temperature within a limited palette. These narrow parameters allow her to concentrate on the play of light and shadow; focus and line – seeking their absence or presence within the frame. She paints in her quiet studio in Camberwell. Her work reflects this peaceful sanctuary: an escape from the noise and clutter of city life.


Sinead Reed-Forrester


Sinead Reed-Forrester is a London based artist. She studied Painting at Camberwell College of Arts, UAL from 2008-2011. Her work explores themes of identity, the self and the process of painting. Sinead works in the mediums of pen, pencil, ink, and oil paint.