Alice Wisden, Daniel Warnecke and Hervé Constant

3 - 28 May 2016

Showcasing the recent works of Alice Wisden, Daniel Warnecke, and Hervé Constant.


Individually they each explore juxtapositions between past and present. Wisden’s paintings present visions of childhood with graffiti-like rawness, abandoning nostalgia to create a sense of unease and moral distrust. Warnecke utilises 3D printing to reimagine famous portraits from the past, forcing the viewer to reconsider them in a completely new context. Constant finds influence in philosophy from the turn of the century and uses a diverse range of media to portray the human condition and what it means to exist in the modern world. Each has their own vision and style but all address the nature of past and present with thought-provoking allure, making this exhibition a must-see.