Alain Magallon: Recent Works

5 - 30 April 2016

Alain Magallon is a pop surrealist, inspired by 17th century paintings through to the Baroque, Pre-Raphaelites, and Pop Art movements.


Magallon uses both oils and acrylics to give a feeling of depth to his images. He works from his own photographs and preparatory drawings, sometimes including characters and objects from classical paintings. These images are modified and painted in a different, anachronistic and metaphorical context from which they were first used. His intention is to manipulate images, decontextualizing them, without diminishing their strength or emotional power.


In his most recent works, he continues to explore themes of popular culture. Showcasing famous figures of Hollywood and Bollywood, he paints these well-known faces in his eccentric and bold style, preserving and accentuating the power of these figures while depicting them in vibrant, dreamlike scenes.