Neiland's Choice: An Exhibition of Works Selected by Brendan Neiland

3 - 21 November 2015

An exhibition with works selected exclusively by Brendan Neiland, one of our foremost contemporary painters and printmakers. Neiland, who attended the Birmingham College of Art and the Royal College of Art, London during the pulsating ‘60s, has selected works from a range of artists including: Val Archer, Sarah Armstrong-Jones, Sir Peter Blake, Simon Burton, Grace Erskine Crum, Brad Faine, James Fisher, Martin Fuller, Christian Furr, Annabel Gault, Jason Gibilaro, Hugh Gilbert, Michael Harrison, David Hepher, Patrick Hughes, Andrzej Jackowski, David Mach, Danny Markey, Terry New, William Packer, Tom Phillips (RA), Donald Smith, Justine Smith, Steve Thomas, John Wilkins 


The choice compliments and challenges Neiland’s own style and persuasions, resulting in an eclectic collection of contemporary work, juxtaposed against Neiland’s curiosity about the enigma of existence.


From the modern and iconic images created by Mach, from Philips’ figurative and abstract work, from Crum’s attention to the human form, Neiland has sought to bring together a collection of Britain’s pre-eminent artists with an exhibition that will leave its audience impatient for more.


In Neiland’s own words: “Selecting these works has been a pleasure and a privilege for me. I've chosen artists who have had some kind of impact on me personally. From the Royal College of Art, through various galleries, print workshops and art schools, it has been an honour to know them and share experiences with them. The result is a disparate collection of works by artists who in all probability would never otherwise exhibit together.”