Oh Yankel!: Yankel Feather

6 - 31 October 2015

Yankel Feather (1920 – 2009) Painting from memory, Feather depicted a wide variety of subjects; from Lowry inspired industrial scenes of his childhood in Liverpool, atmospheric seascapes from years spent in St Ives, to colourful canvases of dancer’s jiving in ballrooms. This is the first solo exhibition of Yankel Feather’s work in 2015 and celebrates the launch of his book, ‘Oh Yankel!’ which is available to order in hard and soft back.



‘A larger than life character and self-styled showman. Arabic in looks with an acerbic wit, a ready twinkle in his eyes and a knowing smile…’ (Oh Yankel! Foreword by David Bottomley)



‘This book is about a boy who couldn’t make it, a middle aged man who tried to make it and an old man who doesn’t know what it is’ (Yankel Feather, Oh Yankel!)