Alain Magallon and Marie Petrovic

27 October - 11 November 2014
alain magallon

Having just finished a very successful exhibition at The Searcy’s Club, The Gherkin, Magallon is exhibiting his Pop-art inspired, emotive and narrative pieces at Gx Gallery. Drawing his inspiration from both classical paintings and popular culture, Magallon works with both oil and acrylic paint to create hugely evocative explosions of colour on canvas. His works embody mysteriousness and intimate curiosity. 


marie petrovic

Marie Petrovic takes the dissatisfaction of everyday rules and social norms and turns them into pieces of work which exude positive energy and explode with colour. She is best known for her intricately detailed and hand-drawn skull sculptures, which celebrate individuality and diversity. Each one is unique in her hands. She looks not to remind us of death but the vibrancy of everyday life. In this exhibition, Petrovic is exhibiting not only her human skull pieces, but also her new work with genuine animal skulls, which are both striking and unusual. Petrovic has recently collaborated with the well-known brand, Dr Dre, and is offering unique, individually designed and drawn commissions onto Beats headsets.