LILY FORWOOD: 2-Part Return

1 October - 1 November 2018

2-Part Return represents Lily Forwood's return to London as two people after the birth of her son a year and a half ago. This exhibition is an amalgamation of her life in drawing. The stations that were drawn and redrawn, littered with tickets and jostling crowds, have become something else. A symbol of barriers. Papers. Tickets. Passports. Checks. Since meeting her partner and father of her child in Calais' refugee camp, 'The Jungle', these things have taken on a darkness and heaviness that were once before a comfort.


Lily has further explored media in this assembly of work: Playing on the paper which absorbs, repels and allows the ink to pool and dry in unexpected and exciting ways. Graphite, tea and ink remaining, as ever, her steady companions. Tea is used with abstract and fluid marks to add her feelings that are a struggle to articulate. Expanding the scenes from the literal. The reddishness of Yorkshire tea or the more opaque softness of Earl Grey, drunk with milk whilst drawing, offering comfort in their ceremony and taste of security.


Lily Forwood grew up in Hay-on-Wye, on the Welsh border constantly drawing. She studied Illustration at Swansea College of Art and left with BA First Class Honours. Lily continued on to Camberwell College of Art to take a Masters in Visual Arts where she studied on a Rector's Scholarship, graduating with a Distinction four years ago. Lily has exhibited across London and her works are held in private collections around the world.