STÉPHANE COJOT-GOLDBERG: Abstract Atlas of the World

9 - 17 July 2018

About me:

I trained as Director of Photography at the National School Louis Lumière in Paris and I worked for 10 years in Hollywood especially in the eld of visual effects while pursuing personal photographic researches.
I also graduated with an MBA from Columbia University and lived in London for 3 years.

I travelled around the world from 2008 to 2010.
I published my first book: Mapless, around the world in 800 days in 2013 and my second book: Abstract Atlas of the World in 2017.
Artists such as Rothko, Pollock, Turner, Nicolas de Staël and Zao Wou-Ki influenced my abstraction in photography.


The Project:

The selection of photographs presented here is part of a series entitled Abstract Atlas of the World. These images are never altered digitally: each shows a reality that sneaked in front of my lens. To create them, I draw from my training in lm and visual effects using flters, multiple exposures and camera movements.

I create landscapes grouped into visual categories that allow to travel freely on six continents, through a photographic journey, between sensation and interpretation. The choice of widescreen, inspired by Cinemascope, is designed to heighten the immersion of the viewer.

Travel photography often invites us into an exotic fantasy which goes in the direction of strengthening the idea of di erence between people and cultures. My quest is the opposite: to nd through colours and shapes what is universal about our world.