Idania R. Venereo

Born in Consolacion Del Sur, a small town in the region of Pinar del Rio Cuba, Idania R. Venereo's roots lie ninety miles south of Key West, Florida.  She grew up on the island during the height of Cuba's dependence on Russian aid. Her eyes captured Havana in extreme need of restoration and its people in need of artistic freedom. 

Idania attended the University of Pinar Del Rio where she graduated with her Bachelor’s of Arts degree.  

Her earlier work included architectural sketches, landscapes and still life. She then evolved into abstracts and continues today with her Blu Whisper Series.  

Idania R. Venereo today lives in Palm City, Florida and continues to express herself through acrylic and oil paints on canvas.  She uses dramatic tones of blue to express herself.  It is this constant signature of hers that can be seen in all her work.