Nicolas Laborie

Born in Paris, Nicolas Laborie is a London based commercial and art photographer/film-maker who specializes in unique wet plate collodion tintype photographs, a historical photographic process created in the 19th century, as a homage to early Victorian photographic portraits. This style looks at a number of different subcultures, where style and fashion play an important part, be it for political reasons, issues of freedom, resistance, gender equality or self-expression against the norm and society. 


On 11 January 2017, Laborie launched his first book, Tin Tribes In The Garden Of Ether, a Limited Edition Hard Back Book, available to purchase through GX Gallery. The subcultures included in the book vary widely from the Sapeurs and Queens of Africa; to the tattoos and leather jackets of the Wild Ones; the Far Eastern Lolita culture; and, finally, the recent UK phenomenon of the 'Chav'. Once these subcultures entered the Garden of Ether, cracks appeared, caused not only by the chemical reactions on the wet plates, but also as a result of social fractures across the world.