Jaroslav Prošek

Jaroslav Prošek (1986 - ) is a young Czech artist living and working in Česká Lípa, an area of Northern Bohemia known as the heart of the Czech glass industry. His creation of complex structures from a variety of different materials has put him at the forefront of the contemporary art and design scene in both the Czech Republic and the World. Prošek was introduced to glass making soon after leaving secondary school when he began making crystal chandeliers. It was however during his earlier studies, at the ateliers of Jan Frydrych and Vlastimil Beránek, that he discovered a passion for creating sculptures using Bohemian crystal and optical glass. In 2010 he embarked on a career as a professional artist, although he continues to study in the workshops these renowned glass artists.  While his speciality is the design and creation of unique glass sculptures, he also works with other materials such as wood, stainless steel and marble. His constant experimentation in these diferent media, as well as his enjoyment of playing with form and structure, has earned him global recognition.