Colin Halliday carries out all his paintings ‘en plein air’ in all kinds of weather. He paints using a rapid wet-on-wet technique using a reduced palette of pure oil paints in red, yellow, blue, and white. The paint is thick and generous, expressively applied with palette knives. This makes each painting an object in its own right, as well as providing his pieces with energy and a sweeping sense of movement. From a distance, the detail is apparent, but upon closer inspection all the marks and colours appear in isolation. In this way Halliday successfully captures the vibrant and ever changing beauty of nature.


Halliday graduated with a BA (Hons) Fine Art degree from Exeter University (1987 – 88). Since then he has gone on to exhibit in solo and group exhibitions across the UK; including at the Dulwich Picture Gallery, London (selected by Tom Phillips (RA) and The National Trust property, Sutton House, London.