Carlos Cortes’ art is a study of human nature, encompassing the way in which people relate to one another and their environment, as well as acting as an exploration of the unconscious mind.


Cortes’ pieces are painted on ‘found objects’, a technique that stems from his interest in the numerous marks and scratches that litter the surfaces of inherited items. Such marks record the everyday activities of the humans who caused them, ‘a kind of everyday archaeology’. In using found objects Cortes establishes a connection with the past, as well as an empathetic connection with the people who once owned them.


His paintings are built up of very thin layers of oil paint in order to render the expressions and colourful outfits of his characters in illuminated detail. Narrative also plays a large part in his pieces, and he combines text and storytelling with references to mythology, gods, saints, cinematic heroes, and religious artworks, often with an amusing twist.


Cortes has worked successfully since the 80’s in the fields of performing and visual arts. His work has been exhibited, published and performed in several European countries and the USA