Khalid Khan, also known as Kaay, is an acclaimed artist who has to his credit solo painting exhibitions in the Germany, and Pakistan. He has held group exhibitions in many European countries including France, Germany, Spain, and the UK. His work regularly featured by Rebecca Wilson, a Chief Curator and a VP at Saatchi Art and former Director at Saatchi Gallery, London.


In 1988 Kaay graduated in fine arts from a renowned Arts college in Karachi and soon began his career as a graphic designer. After his first solo painting exhibition in 1993 he got an opportunity to visit London. Having fallen in love with the city, he decided to make London his home and returned in 1995 to realize this dream. Here he studied media production and computer graphics. His career took him to Germany next where he spent 7 years working as a creative director in an advertising agency. However, his love for the city of London did not diminish. He followed his heart and returned to London and that is where he resides now. Kaay’s passion for art never faded and for the last ten years his main focus has been painting.


 “My paintings are the result of an OERB (Obsessive Experimental & Restless Behaviour). Due to my restless nature I work simultaneously in different styles and subject. Perhaps I don't have a particular style or maybe I am still searching for it or just enjoying the journey towards the unknown. I don't know what I want but I am quite sure what I don't want. I strongly feel that a painting should depict an artist not a style. “