Hideyuki Sobue

Originally from Aichi (Japan, 1965), Hideyuki Sobue is a UK based artist whose practice focuses on drawing and painting. He explores both media deriving the maximum technical and conceptual potential from both.

He has developed an original new brush hatching technique using Japanese sumi ink and acrylic, by which body of work consists of "oriented lines". His method is inspired by the concept of drawing established in the Florentine Renaissance combined with his ongoing study of neurology.

‘My aim is to explore the unbroken line of the relationship between humanity and art from the primeval times, to look into the origin of human creativity by enquiring about its meaning in a contemporary context, and to sublimate the conception into my own visual language’.

Fascinated by the uniqueness of humanity, his work often raises questions regarding the mystery and dignity of humankind.

Aiming to create a platform that bridges East and West, Sobue’s work connects their rich cultural, ideological and artistic heritage and contemporary understanding.